Self Care During the Holidays

I wrote down some questions to help me take stock of my self care practice for the holiday season. This is a rough time of year for introverts and retail workers, and I am both.

Maybe it’s a good time for you to look at your practices too and shore up your resources for the season. Here are some ideas to help you do just that:



Do you have a current creative practice in place?
If so, is it feasible to keep it the same during the holiday season?
If not, what one creative outlet can you give yourself for the next few months?


Social Life

What do you need, as far as social life, to thrive this holiday?
Do you need to see more of certain people? Who are they?
Do you need to see less of certain people? Who are they?

Do you need to limit the number of social engagements you say yes to every week?
If so, what (approximate) number works for you?
What script could you use to let people know you care about them but are unable to see them at this time?

What relationships are priority for you?
How can you make sure they stay that way through the busy holiday season?
Do you need to set a date night every week with someone?
How else can you keep in contact so the relationship doesn’t get lost in the shuffle?

How do you feel about your social media usage? Does it uplift or overwhelm you?
If it overwhelms you, do you need to cut back or remove yourself from it at this time?


Emotional Health

How has your emotional state been during past holidays?
If there was anxiety or upset, what do you think was the root cause?
How can you prepare for that this holiday?

How do you make space to process your emotions?
Do you have journaling, meditation, or contemplative walking practices?
If not, how could you fit one of these into your daily routine?
If so, do you need to tweak your practices at all before the holiday season?

Could you use professional help to manage your emotions during this time?
If so, what kind of help do you need?
What do you need to do to set that in motion?



What do your eating habits look like when you’re honoring your health and your body?
What practices do you need to set in place so you eat like this regularly?

What do they look like when you’re not honoring your health and your body?
What practices do you need to put in place so you’re not eating like this regularly?

What kind of food feels good to eat this time of year?

Will you need any assistance?
Can you ask a family member to cook one extra meal a week?
Can you get a meal service, like Blue Apron?
Can you make freezer meals ahead of time, so you don’t have to cook as much?
Can you get more ready-made meals from the grocery store?
Can you have a designated day of the week where you eat out instead of cooking?



How do you feel about your current exercise practice going into the holidays?
Do you need to scale it back?
Do you need to increase it?
Do you need to add a different activity to balance it, like yoga?

On an ideal week, what would your exercise routine look like?



Do you have a sleep schedule?
If so, do you feel it will be sufficient during the winter?
If not, how can you establish one? What would that look like?

How is the quality of your sleep?
Do you have trouble drifting off? If so, how can you help remedy this?
Do you have trouble sleeping through the night? If so, how can you help remedy this?

Do you have an evening routine that helps you wind down at the end of the day?
If so, is there anything you’d like to change about it?
What would your ideal routine look like?

Do you take any herbal or medicinal supplements to help you sleep?
If so, are you satisfied with their effectiveness? Do you need to add or subtract anything?
If not, is there anything you’d like to try?

Do you moderate your caffeine intake?
Do you need to create a caffeine ritual in the morning?
Do you need to stop drinking caffeine after a certain time of day?


Other Health Stuff

Do you have a supplement system in place to make sure you’re getting vitamins?
If so, is there anything you need to add or subtract?
If not, what would that system look like?

Are you drinking enough water throughout the day?
If not, how can you drink more?

Do you feel ok with the amount of alcohol you consume during the week?
If not, what amount of alcohol would be ideal for you?

Are you getting enough sunlight?
If not, when could you get outside?

Do you need to stock up on anything to assist your immune system this winter?
Herbal teas?
Essential oils?
Anything else?

Do you have a procedure in place for when you start to catch a bug? What is it?

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