Living the Light

In the previous two posts, I talked about lamentation and naming evil. This post is about being Living Light, or living out from under the shadow of evil so others see it is possible.

While lamentation and naming focus on the way things are now, when you live as though evil has no power over you, you show people what the future could look like. You become hope in a dark world.


It will always be a work in progress.

You will never be perfect, so don’t expect that from yourself. Instead, expect progress. Slow, steady progress.


Start with the radical act of loving yourself.

Especially if you are a woman, LGBTQ, or minority, loving yourself in the body you’re in is currently an act of social defiance. It’s radical. Subversive. Powerful. And very dangerous to the Powers That Be.

You cannot be of service to the world if you don’t love yourself first. So love yourself because you deserve it, and because the world needs your whole beautiful soul, and because the Powers That Be can eat shit, as far as you’re concerned.


Take a look at where your stuff comes from.

So much evil in the world is done just to deliver our consumer products. Our makeup and gasoline. Our clothes. Our food. We can help change this by choosing not to purchase products that hurt people.

It’s easy to get paranoid and try to overhaul your entire life when you realize this, but that doesn’t usually result in lasting change. Instead, try asking yourself: what one thing you can change this month?

Perhaps you’ll choose to buy second hand clothes, or local meat, or fair trade chocolate. Perhaps you’ll bike to work, or buy in bulk to save packaging. Over time, you’ll develop a more ethical pattern of consumption.


Then look around you for ways to love your local community.

Where can you be of service right where you are? What need in the community can you fill? Is there an organization you can join? Or a neighbor who needs some help?

No one can fill every need. I believe that each of us was given a few issues close to our heart as Spirit’s way of delegating the work of helping people. Choose even just one problem you’re passionate about and work towards change. Others will either come alongside you or work on the issue that’s close to their hearts.


Then look farther out for ways to help your national and global community.

While doing work in your local community is vital, I think it’s also important to be a participant in national and world affairs. Giving a low-income family nourishing food is good; helping ensure all low-income families have access to nourishing food is incredible.

You have less control over this sort of thing, and it takes a lot longer to see change, but it’s worth working for. The changes affect more people for longer periods of time than you’re able to accomplish on your own.


Have courage.

Change will be slow to come – perhaps not even in your lifetime. You might be ridiculed for living differently. Loving yourself will definitely intimidate people.

Have courage, and keep going anyways.

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    Well said Trish.

    1. Thanks Mom! 😀

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