Healing From Spiritual Violence

I wrote in a previous post about why I use female pronouns for Spirit even though I usually experience her as a male presence. Basically, it is so people who grew up in spiritually violent Christian environments – under the power of the patriarchy instead of the power of the Holy Ghost – can be […]

How My Peaceful Religion is Helping Me Overcome My Violent Nature

My religion is extremely (absurdly) peaceful. But my nature, the way I am when I don’t check myself, is extremely (absurdly) violent. There’s something in me that enjoys destruction for the sake of destruction. I like violent movies. I like fairy tales where the villain is disemboweled and then boiled in lead. (Once, when I […]

Enough: How to Deal With an All or Nothing Personality

My husband grounded me from work outside of Starbucks for a day last week. (I say that playfully – he can’t actually tell me what to do.) My anxiety was at laying-on-the-couch-with-an-anxiety-tummy-ache level, and he was like, “Maaaaybe you should take a day off.” If I had to pick one thing that’s the chief joy […]