Naming the Shadow

In the previous post I talked about prophetic lamentation as a way to help heal the world. This post is about another role we as prophets play: giving evil a name.   Why names have power All evils – white supremacy, xenophobia, and misogyny, to name a few – are spiritual diseases. When your body […]

Why I Call God “She”

Sarah Bessey is one of my spiritual midwives. Her gentle, grace-filled writing showed me a way to return to my religion after it broke my heart. And she wrote once (I can’t find the link to the post anymore) that she still uses masculine pronouns for God because calling God “she” tends to be divisive in […]

Being Open vs. Being a Feelings Bomb

I’m in a time where my personal growth involves being more open. But there’s a big obstacle holding me back, and it’s this: How can I be vulnerable and open without being a Feelings Bomb? You’ve probably known someone that hasn’t quite found the balance yet. They’re open about sharing what they’re feeling, but you […]