Self Care During the Holidays

I wrote down some questions to help me take stock of my self care practice for the holiday season. This is a rough time of year for introverts and retail workers, and I am both. Maybe it’s a good time for you to look at your practices too and shore up your resources for the […]

You Are the Tetons

Swimsuit and shorts season is coming up, so I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder: You are a beautiful creature. And your beauty has nothing to do with your proportions. It has everything to do with the fact that, down in your bones, you are a wild thing of nature, like a tree […]

Transgender and the Kingdom

My mom asked me last week what I thought about the new laws forcing transgender people to use the restrooms corresponding with their birth gender, not their identified gender. And I honestly had a hard time answering because it’s difficult for me to imagine on what planet people would feel threatened by trans women, who […]