Hey there friend.

It’s been a while. Back in February I realized I was coming apart at the seams. My inner landscape was in such a crisis that day-to-day living was a struggle. So I dropped everything to take care of myself. Now I’m out on the other side. I wish I could say it’s awesome, but some […]

Managing Anxiety and Emotional Overwhelm in the Fight for Social Justice

These are the visualizations, practices, and tools I use to help me manage my anxiety and empathic tendencies while I fight for social justice.

In two days, I leave to join the Women’s March on Washington. I should be feeling exultant. Over 500,00 people in 33 different countries are standing with me. But instead I feel nervous. Anxious. Maybe even a little afraid. There are so many things that could go wrong, and I’ve watched all of them of […]